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Sedans, Vans & SUVs

Name: Nissan Sentra 

Type: Black Car Service

#Passengers: 4

Name: High Roller

Type: Mercedes SUV

#Passengers: 6

Name: Raven 

Type: Nissan Quest

#Passengers: 6

Name: Swan

Type: Ford Transit

#Passengers: 14

Stretch Limousines

Name: The Hulk

Type: Dodge Challenger Limo

#Passengers: 10

Name: Flo-Rida

Type: Chrysler 300 Stretch Limo

#Passengers: 10

Limousine Buses

Name: New Merc

Type: Limousine Party Mini Bus w/ Restroom

#Passengers: 8

 Luxury Mercedes Sprinter

Name: Panther

Type: Limousine Party Mini Bus

#Passengers: 14

Name: Maverick

Type: Limousine Party Bus

#Passengers: 23

Name: Defender

Type: Limousine Party Bus

#Passengers: 30

Name: Zeus

Type: Luxury Party Bus w/ Restroom 

#Passesngers: 42

Executive Coach Buses

Name: Dove

Type:  Executive Shuttle Bus

#Passengers: 26

Name: Falcon

Type: Luxury Coach Bus w/ Restroom

#Passesngers: 38

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